Latina Wedding Traditions Explained

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Mayıs 31, 2023
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There are so many beautiful, unique, and entertaining Latin marriage traditions couples gravitate toward as they arrange their big event. As a meet cuban women result, it usually is hard to navigate what social elements talk to each individual few and how to take those elements at the same time in an arranged and cohesive way.

To help while using process, we chatted to Chicago-based DJ Continue who explains the most popular pre-marriage and reception Latina wedding customs. He breaks down everything from la arras plus the lazo service to el muertito and more.

In the afinidad ceremony, friends and family (el padrino and la madrina) or buddies come forward to drape a white wire around the bride’s neck during her ceremony as being a symbol with their bond while using the new few. This likewise signifies the transition out of single life to married.

Another popular pre-marriage ceremony can be la se?al matrimoniales, which usually originated in France. Through the ceremony, the groom positions his new star of the event with 13 gold coins, which symbolize his promise to provide on her behalf and their long term family. The arras can be held in a simple pouch or jewelry box.

Throughout the reception, it is common intended for guests to pin cash (using wellbeing pins) upon the newlyweds during la hora loca. The amount of money collected facilitates the few during their vacation or perhaps on their fresh home, and is also a lot of fun to watch! A range of music makes can be enjoyed during this the main celebration, including instrumental waltz, merengue, and cumbia.

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